Sunday morning runs - where to find them

Members are encouraged to post details of local runs, a way of meeting owners in your own area.

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Sunday morning runs - where to find them

Postby Tony B » Mon May 15, 2023 7:33 am

Some new members may be struggling to find where Sunday morning runs are posted. A lot of the time they are posted on the forum under the “member run outs” section. However some time we admit to being lazy and sometimes they are arranged on a separate WhatsApp group

If you want to join us on a Sunday morning for a short drive of around 60 odd miles before we arrive at a cafe then join this WhatsApp group below

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Re: Sunday morning runs - where to find them

Postby Wingco » Mon May 15, 2023 7:23 pm

That's a good start Tony, got to give it go.
Mirror, Signal go faster pedal !!

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