Members are encouraged to post details of local runs, a way of meeting owners in your own area.

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Postby greenwoo » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:03 pm

Right I think it would be helpful to ALL that are joining in runs to remind themselves of a few rules of 'formation driving'.

Bottom line is that a Blat isn't mad uncontrolled mayhem, its a bit of fun for ALL taking part, with everyone driving within their own comfort zone. So below are a few general rules to follow.

1/ Last car to run with dipped headlights - so that leaders can identify that car from the front.
2/ At any junction ( t/lights, roundabout, turning ) MAKE SURE that the car behind you sees where you are going, early indication, and if necessary either: slow down or wait as applicable for the car behind to make up ground so that they know where we've gone. OR at roundabout if its a large 'blind' r/about circle and pick up any cars that couldnt get across at the same time as you.
3/ The car behind you is your responsibility - no reason why you cant overtake, or open up on a nice stretch of road, but please be aware of the car behind, if after a bit of pedal therapy it doesn't appear, slow down - perhaps he's had a problem, if necessary STOP, and WAIT. Again if necessary make things clear along the line - a toot, flash of lights - whatever it takes to stop those ahead from tearing off ( which they shouldnt if they in turn have been mindful of their mirrors ).
4/ Slower drivers, dont worry about the car in front pulling away from you - perhaps its a 'power' issue or perhaps the guy in front is finding his comfort zone - no problem, you're both out to enjoy yourselves, he will wait for you - that might be a mile down the road, or two - BUT he will wait at the next junction. And if you dont appear then someone should be coming back to find you in case you have had car problems.
5/ Be courteous to those in the formation and others: No need for hasty/risky overtakes amongst our own crowd!
6/ Help yourself by making sure that you have the destination in yoru sat nav - if the worst happens atleast you can make the destination under yoru own steam. BETTER still, when you;'re investing in a sat nav, get one that accepts itinenary files - like TTom. That way you can be assured of knowing the route and if needed can take the pressure off the leaders by taking control of whoever is behind you.
7/ Do yourself a favour and share your mobile number with others in the column.

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