Posting and Arranging a Members Run - Tips

Members are encouraged to post details of local runs, a way of meeting owners in your own area.

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Posting and Arranging a Members Run - Tips

Postby greenwoo » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:18 am

OK. Here's a few pointers to posting and hosting a run for others to join in with. I think it's clear that there'll be 2 types of run out, the low key - 'Does anyone fancy a trot out for an hour' and the longer runs that involve brekkie / lunch etc.
The 1st should be easy enough to manage, the second may take a little more thought.

To get the maximum response give as much detail as possible whilst at the same time leaving things fluid for others to join in. Meaning: Just because you live at 'X' don't assume that folks will join you from there, try and leave the meet point fluid so that others can sensibly see if they can meet you part way.
Similarly, unless you have a definite fixed destination - why not leave it a little open, again to appeal to a wider audience:
' i'm thinking of the Coast, somewhere in the region of Rye/Bexhill'

So they key info others need is:
Date and a rough time
Rough destination ( or left loose - 'thinking of an hours run around East Sussex with a stop for brekkie/lunch/coffee')
Rough finish time / and overall run time.
Where you'll be traveling from and how flexible you can be on meeting part way .
and if you arent fussed about destination - ' other suggestions welcomed'.

Once you have folks interest then do exchange tel numbers, and make it clear between each other about what yopu'#ll be doing if the weather is 'iffy'.

You may have read about .itn files and tomtoms. Having the benefit of this is the icing on the cake and definitely not essential. There's no reason why a route can't be made up on the hoof, and no reason why 3-4-5+ cars can't keep in sight of each other or look after each other ( see Blatiquette thread for details on driving en-masse).

If you don't have insipiration about where to go, or the best roads can i suggest 2 options. Firstly look at the locked map for good roads, there's plenty of suggestions in there to make up a solid route. Or alternatively ask someone else whom you know has posted similar runs previously, i'm suure they'd be happy to help and may have a route that they could immediately share with you. In due course we may well look to have a download facility for .itn files, meantime amongst people like me, Tony B and others we have many routes sitting on our pc's

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