Sunday 26th June

Members are encouraged to post details of local runs, a way of meeting owners in your own area.

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Re: Sunday 26th June

Postby SJLB » Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:12 am

Westfield Megabusa, Bromley, Kent.

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Re: Sunday 26th June

Postby DJ. » Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:24 am

Thanks Steve.

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Re: Sunday 26th June

Postby Jasonmpk » Sun Jun 26, 2022 4:03 pm

Yep, a great run out and good weather, just a shame that the A21 northbound was down to a single carriageway ( South bound had been shut !! ) and the drivers couldn't get up to speed for some reason. At least we were shown a lovely Spitfire flying over and doing a barrel roll made it worth being in the traffic jam. :D

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