East meets West run August 2024

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East meets West run August 2024

Postby DJ. » Wed Jul 10, 2024 1:14 pm

It's ages since the eastern SKCC drivers met with those of you from the west, so we have proposed two runs that meet for breakfast at the Chalet Cafe which is south of Cowfold at approximately 9.30. Dates proposed are 11/8 or 25/8.

I will organise a run from the east, and I'm sure there will be a volunteer to do one starting west of the Chalet.

If you are interested, add your name below:
1. Duncan 11/8 and 25/8 OK
2. Martin 11/8 OK , 25/8?
3. Andy F 11/8 and 25/8 OK
4. Mike 25/8 only
5. Richard 11/8 and 25/8 OK

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