Sunday 13th June

Members are encouraged to post details of local runs, a way of meeting owners in your own area.

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Re: Sunday 13th June

Postby Kegco » Sun Jun 13, 2021 5:09 pm

Matth93 wrote:Sorry I didn’t join you this morning I had already arranged to go to a car meet with my dad.
Glad you had a good run though and I’ll be back out soon

Thanks Matt for today. decided to try and join Matt and his dad on a gentle run to a car meet at the black swan pub
Had a bit of car trouble on the way, sounded like I had a misfire, but turns out the carbs needle jet had popped out of its spring and was sitting wide open.
Very busy and quite warm, took a few pic’s.
A lot of variety of cars and bikes, but my back is still giving me trouble, so struggling to walk around.
Thanks again Matt, Ian and Brenda for a good day
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Re: Sunday 13th June

Postby locost220 » Mon Jun 14, 2021 7:56 am

Bit late to the party, just to say thanks for organising this Steve and Kenton and Steve once again for getting us to the military road after turning round at the back of the Q on the lyd Rd, second time I have had to 'turn around when possible' on that Rd in the last few weeks.
Good to meet up with Richard and his small gang as it was to see so many Caterham out, think we were all on the same 2 way radio channel.
The large frozen bottle of juice tucked away just in reach behind the seat (out the sun) kept me hydrated as it thawed during the day.
Had a good drive home after topping up and managed to drop the Locost exhaust at work for it repair as well.
No red nose or arms to day so can recommend the spray mist suntan lotion rather than getting my hands covered as usual.
Need to clear out a few rocks from the plough, sorry sump guard
Till next time gents :D
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