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Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:25 pm
by graham b
as some already know a trip to the Pyrenees has been in the planning for a few months..
well, now it's real.........leave on the 19th may,
ferry home on the 28th. (arrive the UK on the 29th)
10 days in all, including ferry & 8 days of driving some hairy hairpins.
ferry sorted..approx £515 return.
hotels sorted..approx £300 per person, including breakfast, for 8 nights.
itn's sorted. oh you lucky people :D
other costs will be evening meals & beer and fuel for 1550 miles (approx £1.11 ltr in Spain)

so if you fancy this PM me for full details.....

1/ graham
2/ roger
3/ stevo
4/ brian
5/ dave h & bev