First run of the year, Edinburgh to Horam fisheries via Beachy Head

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First run of the year, Edinburgh to Horam fisheries via Beachy Head

Postby locost220 » Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:20 pm

Sunday 22nd January
As I had not been out in either kit car for a while I decided to try and get out today.
Due to the freezing weather and salt being used no one else was interested so I gave the Robin Hood a check over yesterday (in favour of a screen less Locost) and left it on charge after a test fire.
Up and already out in the garage at 5.45 I did the usual bit of musical cars and was all strapped in with one of the previous SKCC routes loaded on the Tom Tom, coffee and a flask of hot water at 6.
The club jacket, snood, gloves were doing a reasonable job but the chill of -3 was biting so I was glad of the thermals as well ( heater would have been nice as well).
Out on the A20 and then the M25 the lack of street lights kept the senses in check, once off the motorway and still in pitch darkness I picked my way along the route chosen by the TT to the familiar start point in Edinbridge with the now familiar pop pop of the exhaust on overrun and able to use the same to keep the chill of my right hand.

Managed to get a few pics at the start point and make another brew, as it started to get light a few jap cars were blasting past making the most of the empty roads.
Got strapped back in and made tracks, picking my way round the puddles, had one butt clenching moment as a slight dab on the brakes had me sliding across the centre white line till I let off and got my steering back. Another few stops for pics as the opportunity arose
Stop for a top up and a leg stretch about half way round and a giggle with a fellow who said I must be brave or mad ( who knows ) as I neared Beachy Head area the conditions improved some what so I was able to get the pinto singing a bit prior to reaching the usual photo op and a chat with a few joggers, one of which was an owner of a Robin Hood that he is trying to build after a number of years.
Once relived again I set off on the last leg to Horam fisheries for a hot drink and more pics.
After half hour I saddled up and plugged in the new spare sat nav to test fly it home, got more than a few looks from 4x4 and alike as I made my way to the nearest motorway for a 90 mins jolt home and a top up prior to parking the car up safe and sound and in need of a good wash tomorrow.
All in all ruddy freezing but glad I got out for a drive and as always looking forward to the next one, maybe with a few others.
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Re: First run of the year, Edinburgh to Horam fisheries via Beachy Head

Postby DJ. » Mon Jan 23, 2023 5:12 pm

Well done Richard, I bet that blew out the cobwebs!

This is the SKCC spirit, hopefully you won't be alone next time. Sorry I have a salt phobia.

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Re: First run of the year, Edinburgh to Horam fisheries via Beachy Head

Postby Wingco » Tue Jan 24, 2023 1:09 pm

Nice one Richard, I to have a salt fobia to, hopefully the weather will change soon.
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Re: First run of the year, Edinburgh to Horam fisheries via Beachy Head

Postby nelmo » Tue Jan 24, 2023 6:05 pm

I went to work in my kit one day last week and it was cold enough at 8am, never mind 6am :shock: - well done. Cold weather can make for great pics...

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