Cheddar Run

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby Tony666 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:41 pm

Thanks Matt for a great day out, weather wasn't great but was interesting lol. Home run was a giggle with being split up and sat nav wanting to do its own thing as and when it wanted to but all in all good day and lovely greggs lunch :lol:

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby Kegco » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:51 pm

leegav wrote:Hope you had a good run out lads. Sorry I couldn't make it... Never got the car back together due to being hospitalised on Saturday with ruptured lower back discs (still in) , and been in bed since Thursday.

Sorry to hear that lee
All the best and get well soon
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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby DJ. » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:54 pm

If it makes you feel any better Neil, I didn't make it home with the roof down!

Thanks for organising Matt, that was a brilliant day driving, in fact the first proper day out this year :mrgreen:

5am alarm goes off, 5.30 am I leave the house and have a quiet run up to Newlands Corner, about 60 miles and 90 minutes for me. I encountered a couple of heavy showers, but they only lasted seconds and I stayed dry. Definitely worth watching out on the roads in the Surrey Hills though as they were very wet in places.

Arrived at the start and all I could see was Elises and Exiges! They soon left on their run, soon to be replaced by another couple of Lotus cars with friendly drivers who weren't running late as we presumed, but had their own run organised.

Here are some photos of the start:


Matt's car with new wheels and tyres:


My car which I washed specially, didn't look so clean once we'd reached Cheddar!


The first couple of hours we had great roads with no traffic and dry weather, brilliant!

At about 9am we stopped for fuel somewhere near the A303 and heard the local Costa was open:


When we parked up we found it was drive through or order on an app. Kev was very popular as he ordered drinks and croissants for us :)

As we were chatting a little light rain came and went, so we decided to move on. Matt asked someone else to lead, so I offered and immediately turned out of the car park into a dead end :lol:

The next stage the roads were a bit tight and bumpy and we had som annoying showers. Matt missed a turn and those following didn't tell him.......... The rest of us proceeded to Cheddar, down some very narrow and wet lanes, Neil did the sensible thing and stopped to put his hood up, while I bashed on half blinded by the fortunately brief shower. The itn took us to Cheddar village, but lead us away from the gorge, I believe this may have happened before! I realised the error and headed back the way I came in time to wave at the others and tell them to turn round.

We eventually all made it to the gorge to find Matt chatting with a very friendly Westfield owner from Bristol, sorry I can't remember his name :oops:

Here's a couple of photos:



As Neil said it was actually nice and sunny at the gorge but there was a river running down it. After a good chat we headed to Chew Valley for lunch after a very slow run up the gorge following a very slow van who didn't seem to want to pass a lady cyclist.

At the lunch venue it was packed, so I said goodbye to everyone and headed home. I turned on the satnav and found my eta was 18.45 when I was supposed to be back for roast dinner at 6 :shock: . Some hasty editing gave me a sensible route home via A34 and A272. Before that though I was caught in a cloud bust near Frome, there was nothing for it but the half hood had to go up and I got soaked in the process :lol:

After Petersfield, it was bright enough to put the hood down and as Neil said the A272 was very quiet so the run finished on a high note and I arrived home at 5pm, eleven and a half hours of 90% driving. It was good seeing you all, the roads were great, the scenery was too and I enjoyed the banter, I've been missed that and the driving too much this year 8-)

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby locost220 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:01 pm

Cracking day, was really good to be out on a run, my first one for a very long time, even if it was in my daily driver, which itself seemed to enjoy the day with even the tyres chiping in with odd squeal on the dry bends.
Crissis point for me was having to reach out and push the window up button when the rain got my Murray mints wet,
Traffic was fine and the normal group sat nav issues add to the fun, when radios come into their own.
Thanks for the loan of you TT Duncan.

Cheers for sorting the day and the route Matt.
That set me up for the week to come.
Hope everyone sort out their niggles
Locost book chassis, Under reconstruction :D :?

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby Matth93 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:24 pm

I done the usual miss the turning by following my Satnav to see Richard turn off behind me, so I decided not to turn round and try to catch them but follow my satnav and hopefully catch them that way. I could hear them on the radio for a while so knew they were close but never found them. When I arrived at Cheddar a local guy called Chris met me as previously arranged with him and said he hadn’t seen the others then as we were chatting they all turned up.
On the way home we kept getting split up and going different ways, I ended up losing everyone as did Kev so I deleted some waypoints and cracked on to find Tony and Richard in a petrol garage. A message from Kev said he had gone wrong and not to wait, so we carried on and next thing could hear him on the radio which we then lost again. After another satnav turnaround where possible we stopped to see if we could get hold of Kev to see him appear out of a side road in front of us. We stuck together the rest of the way back till Guildford where we lost Kev again so only 3 of us got back to newlands in the end.

Thanks everyone for a great day, till next time

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby nelmo » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:40 pm

Jees, can you imagine how bad runs were BEFORE Sat-navs? :D

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby Kegco » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:50 pm

Thanks Matt for Organising
Great day, great company
Lots laughs
Patchy rain, but was fun watching certain people deciding if they were having their roof on or off :D
Started off at Newlands corner
Where the hairdresser were meeting (joke) :lol:


Had a bit of a chat and then the lotuses were gone

Quick pit stop:-Car trouble VVT playing up again, so removed HT lead cover and we was on our way
First stop fuel and a Costa coffee

Lost Matt on route, we all turned right and Matt went straight on. And that was the last we saw of Matt until we got to the Gorge.
TonyB stop. And a regroup

Cheddar Gorge






Fish and chip stop but the queue was massive, and started to rain Again!



So decided to get something on the way home


Our trip home was full of Car troubles. With Neil and his misfire.
I had troubles with VVT, I think it’s a cable/ connection issue. All the way home, the Tiger kept on over fuelling.
We would lose, TonyS and Rich. Then Matt turned off quite sharpish. which I couldn’t get across in time, so ended up going straight on. so ended up played catch up.
Kept on hearing radio talk so knew they weren’t too far away. Eventually found the party all together. And joined the convoy. Until I got stuck at the lights and that was it, lost them again.
but sat nav, took me on a different route to the rest of them. Then got stuck behind the slowest Sunday drivers ever all the way home
Thanks all for great day
Looks like I’ve got fault finding before next run
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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby dray13dad » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:54 pm

Thanks to all for letting me tag along today, been a long long time since been out on a fun day drive. Played tail end charlie which suited me as now see why an NC is known as a boat, mind you seeing an Almeara on near two wheels in some of the bends put a smile on my face.
Was running short of time for the final short leg to finish, so bid my fairwells before heading for home.
Once more thanks to Matt for sorting today and to all for making it a cracking day.

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Re: Cheddar Run

Postby DJ. » Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:07 pm

Good photos Kev :)

Yes I hope you and Neil get your issues sorted.

Glad you and Richard decided to come Rick, kitcars are optional on an SKCC run 8-)

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