Balancing Carburettors using an Anemometer

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Balancing Carburettors using an Anemometer

Postby Davemg » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:18 pm

Pinto on Twin DCOE40's.... needed to balance them and used the Gunson Carb Balancer.

Having got fed up with the little plastic thing bobbing up & down in a little plastic thing... bought a small Uni-T Anemometer.

First try showed the HT ignition was upsetting the anemometer; so I used a bit of plastic drain pipe about 14" long in the inlet, with anemometer at the end.

At idle, my engine needs air at about, it turns out, 3.7mph and it's very easy to balance both carbs to the same.

£17 on E bay, cheap and very, very quick! UNI-T UT363 but prices vary a bit.

Works a treat and the Quantum with the Pinto now driving a lot better. It also identified that I had one idle jet running too lean as that cylinder was using less air than the other one on the same carb.

I also have a Rover Mini on throttlebodies and a checked revealed they aren't balanced either.

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