How To … Mark Waypoints as Visited And Why You Might Need To

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How To … Mark Waypoints as Visited And Why You Might Need To

Postby Red27 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:31 pm

Occasionally you might “miss” a Waypoint in an itn file whilst you are following the route it has generated in your TomTom. This could happen if the Waypoint has been placed in an “inappropriate” location”, e.g. disused/non-public piece of road, or road conditions meaning part of the planned route is unexpectedly closed.

As mention in other “How Tos”, your TomTom will try to pass through each Waypoint in the order in which they are contained in an itn file. It will attempt this doggedly, until it does so – or you tell it that it has, manually. If you know, or become suspicious that you have “missed”, i.e. not travelled through, a Waypoint, then you will need to do this, otherwise your TomTom will keep trying to take you through it ad nauseum.

Clues to whether you have missed a Waypoint are that the countdown in time and/or distance to the next Destination that your TomTom is trying to reach are rising. Or, stay roughly the same for some time, i.e. you’ve been driving for half an hour and they look pretty similar to their values half an hour ago.
If you think this might have happened, start by deleting one Waypoint first and see if that helps. If not, or if you are pretty sure you need to delete more, then delete more as you think appropriate.

Caution: Deleting too many, i.e. one or more that are actually still ahead of you and that you can reach without problem, could result in a less enjoyable route.
How do you do it? Navigate to, and press, the Itinerary Planning menu option on your TomTom (check out How To … Check if Your TomTom has Itinerary Planning if you’re not sure how to do that). Once there, you will see your currently loaded itn file. If you are actively following this route now, and have already passed through one or more Waypoints/Destinations, these will appear “greyed out” in the list. The first Waypoint that is “ in colour” will be the next place that your TomTom is trying to take you and, if you think for some reason you are being prevented from driving through it, or simply want to skip it, then press it.


From the options presented, press “Mark Visited”


The waypoint will then appear greyed out, like the earlier, already visited, Waypoints, and when you complete the remainder of the normal navigation steps (press Done, etc.) your TomTom will ignore it and try to take you to the next “unvisited” Waypoint/Destination.


If you want to delete more Waypoints, just complete the processed to mark them as Visited before completing the normal navigation steps.

A clue to this being a successful resolution to a “missed Waypoint” situation is that your time/distance countdowns drop even before you have resumed driving and/or decrease once you do.

Should you need to reinstate a Waypoint as “unvisited”, perhaps if you’ve deleted too many “missed” Waypoints, then follow the steps above up to the point of displaying the Waypoints in your itn file. Press the greyed out Waypoint you want to reinstate, and then press “Mark to Visit”.


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Re: How To … Mark Waypoints as Visited And Why You Might Nee

Postby Pistol » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:13 pm

Just to add that another indication of missing a waypoint, is being directed left left left left and ending up going around in a circles. Happened on my first run out with Mark using tomtom and did three laps before realising I was going in circles :oops: :oops:

Just to say a great write up Linda, very well done - learnt quite a lot already 8-) 8-) . Any plans to pop them on the main (unhidden) part of the forum?

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