How To … Delete Old/Used itn Files Directly On Your TomTom

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How To … Delete Old/Used itn Files Directly On Your TomTom

Postby Red27 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:16 pm

If you want to clear old/used itn files from your TomTom to declutter your list as a matter of good housekeeping, or so that you only have unused itns remaining to select whilst on an extended trip, this is easy to do.

Navigate to, and press, the Itinerary Planning menu option on your TomTom (check out How To … Check if Your TomTom has Itinerary Planning if you’re not sure how to do that).

Press Options.


Press Delete Itinery


At this stage, you haven’t deleted anything yet, so if you suddenly have a fit and think you’ve deleted the file you had previously loaded, and you still wanted it on your TomTom, you haven’t.

Your TomTom will now show you a list of the itn files it has, in the same way as when you are loading a file.


Press the one you want to delete, and you will be asked if you are sure this is what you want to do – it will not simply delete it, so you have the option to say No if you’ve selected the wrong one.


Once you have finished deleting itn files, you will find yourself back in the most recently loaded .itn file. To get out of this, you will need to press Done and then continue through the normal route planning screens.


(Road Trip 2013 Tip – If you accidentally delete a file from your TomTom that you need to reinstate I will have all the files, and a USB lead, with me and can transfer files back for you if needed).

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