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No emails from forum

Postby b33fy » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:26 am

Not sure whats happened, I had to do the forgotten password thing because I lost the saved one on my computer due to an update. I have a ymail email address, which did not accept/receive any emails from the forum. I think this happened pre forum update, though there has been a ymail update which may be causing this. It seems the same for the Locost forum as well.

I suppose its my bad for not remembering the passwords though why bark yourself when the computer can save them..

Anyone else had or experienced similar and is there an answer/cure. I've changed my email address for now though I'd rather clog up the one email address than two.

And thanks Mark for getting back o me with a new password, picked up the message this morning, thanks again. :)
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