High Pressure Hoses + couplings

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High Pressure Hoses + couplings

Postby greenwoo » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:42 am

as it says on the tin. I had cause to order some aeroquip hose from a well known company that many of us will have heard of, needless to say life wasnt that simple as it turned out that i needed 2 different sizes ( didnt realise until it came to replace the old ones. Anyway to expedite things i popped down to the people below. Fantastic, really helpful guy on the trade counter and although i have no receipt to be able to tell you how much cheaper the hose was the overall price was i know far less!
a metre of 1/2inch, stright connector, 4 jubilees and a tube of lockseal -£14 all in, i think i paid £13+vat for the hose from the other place!

Thames Hose & Couplings Ltd.
Unit 1/2
Canal Industrial Park
DA12 2PA

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