Lightweight Heater Unit

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Lightweight Heater Unit

Postby Richard » Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:58 pm

For some time I’ve been contemplating what heater / demister to fit and I came back to this heater I found out a year or so ago to see what changes have been made. I originally discounted it because I wanted to easily control the fan and the outlets and then it seemed all rather basic to me. However looking at his new web site and having had several e-mail conversations with Adam, I have decided to order one of his new heaters with servo controls.

I made up a mock-up of the heater and was amazed at its small size. It really does fit well behind a dash leaving plenty of room. I very much like the servo controls so a simple dash switch will switch on / off each outlet and a simple 3 speed fan switch will control the fan too. That means one on/off switch for demist and one for footwells in my case.

To my mind, the very neat way of having a control box slung under the unit to allow one to simply wire it in to one’s dash loom is a real plus - all his wiring is internal.

Adam has sent me this CAD render of a unit in effect fitted to a demo bulkhead. I’ll actually route the heater pipes differently but the installation options seem endless.

IMHO this is a very well designed heater and very flexible too.

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