Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby DJ. » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:24 pm

Great photo, I'm looking forward to the write up and more pics 8-)

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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby SteveRST » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:05 am

What a fabulous Saturday! Many thanks to Lee for inviting me to come along to the track with him and his Mrs and son Buddy. In fact we met up in Chichester on late Friday afternoon, checked into a hotel in the centre of town, and then went out for dinner and then myself and Lee went onto the pub for several more beers. Wow, it felt like a pretty normal Friday night again! Bit chilly having to sit outdoors everywhere, but still, great to be out and about!

It was great to meet up with Mike at the track and have a bit of a catch up with him. The sun was shining with not a cloud in sight, the sound of engines and the smell of motorsport was in the air, and there was such a variety of different cars competing. Fantastic!

Lee can update on his experience of the day, but I think it's fair to say that he left happy - having chipped away at the times throughout the day and going with a car that had performed faultlessly all day.

Some of my pics...

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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby Weathers » Mon Apr 19, 2021 2:06 pm

Great to see you managed to get out and compete Lee. And that is a bloody good looking car. I love that colour scheme.

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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby ChrisL » Mon Apr 19, 2021 2:40 pm

Weathers wrote: I love that colour scheme.
Yeah me too, the stripe really pops on Steve's overhead shot
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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby b33fy » Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:27 pm

Great overhead shot Steve, would have loved to have got up there myself, there’s so many photo opportunity’s at Goodwood, hopefully I done the few spots I picked justice.
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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby leegav » Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:51 pm

Well what can I say. Kind of overwhelmed with the weekend panning out as it did. I've spent hours and hours in the garage, cold, wet and tired. Arguing with Mrs because I'm outside till all hours. The journey from idea to here has taken over 2 years! It's been a horrible and often fun experience. But I knew that when I decided to sort this car. I wanted something that would make me fall in love with kit cars again, I wanted the experience of building my own machine. And to be fair I pretty much have rebuilt this since I took delivery from the factory.
I cannot explain the pain and sleepless nights this car has caused me. I ploughed my life savings into the this car and for it to turn out like it did last year with things going wrong was demoralising and I almost sold the car at one stage. My Mrs have me a talking to and told me to keep at it because the kids will be so proud to see me driving this thing that's been in the garage for so long. Having buddy watch me this weekend was something I will cherish, the Marshall let him come to the start line and fist bump me before I set off. A dream come true to do that and race at Goodwood.

Week before I did a full nut bolt check on the car, found a sheered diff bolt and all diff bolts from drive shaft were loose. So I spent Thursday night on the drive till 1am re tapping the diff and getting it back together. Friday was loading trailer and packing the boys up. Youngest stayed with in laws and buddy came with us. Journey down was perfect no traffic. Met up with Steve and those that know me will guess I was itching for a few beers even though I'd promised I wouldn't as I was on track next day. We had a few but not too many. Laura let me catch up with Steve and had an evening with Buddy in the hotel without running round for the baby. :D
Slept well, Saturday morning woke up at 6am to buddy shouting Peppa pig daddy..Peppa pig!! :lol: as soon as I woke up I started to get a bit nervous as you do on race day, but because I knew the issues of had with the car, I've not drove the car in anger. Especially knowing i would probably be flat in 6th gear bouncing off the limiter on the back straight.
Of all the races and hill climbs I've done over the years this was the most nervous I've been.

First lap, off we went. Car is so revvy with a 10750 limit it's very hard to get the revs sat right for a good start,. You spin up then slightly let your foot off the peddle and you big down, foot back on the peddle and you spin. Nothing like a car engine which is so easy in comparison to this. Anyone with a BEC will know the T junction pain when you stall it :lol:

Got round the track ok but after the chicane and foot flat to the floor I go up the gears on the electronic paddles so quick I didn't see the finish line and kept flat until I realised there was people.on the track waving me into the exit lane...slammed on the brakes and skidded about 30 meteres and left a huge ploom of wheel smoke on the track. :lol:
Clerk of the course came to my garage and had a word. I apologised and blamed it on brake bias I'd just adjusted.
Rest of the day was a success. Buddy and Laura were having fun, Steve was enjoying himself around the paddock and the car was problem free. Was such a great feeling after all the work and hours spent sorting the car.
Chipped away at my times all day (ish) but wasn't happy with the times to be fair. I am definitely out of practice and spent far too long this past year in the garage. But, hopefully that will change now. I do not know the limits of this car yet and it the car does scare me a little.
The thought of going up shelsley walsh and Prescott in the next couple of months in this car is even worse now I know how quick and responsive it is.
Over all the weekend was brilliant and I always love meeting up with Steve. Big thanks to Mike for the photos...I owe you a non alc beer 8-)

Photos are perfect. Of anyone wants to see me flat out past the finish line and scare the poop out of a couple.of Marshall's when I locked up heading towards them it's on my Facebook page.

My lad fell off the trailer on Friday too and smashed his face in pretty bad so we all have something to remember this weekend by now :lol:
Venue is beautiful really well kept and very nostalgic especially as we had hurricane or spitfires circling in the morning and afternoon !! 8-)
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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby DJ. » Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:32 pm

Great write up , it sounds a brilliant weekend and just reward for all the hard work!

I'm off to Goodwood for a trackday this Saturday, I hope the weather is as good.

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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby locost220 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:23 am

Great and very honest write up Lee.
Glad you stuck at it during the dark times (many would have thrown in the towel) and you are now getting the rewards for your persistence, you know the car a thousand per cent better than you ever would if it had been plug and play, which will also benefit you in the future.
Let's hope there loads more to come.
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Re: Goodwood Sprint Sat 17th

Postby Wingco » Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:00 pm

Can't really add to what has already been said Lee.
So very pleased for you and your love one's that its all worked out in the end, we all need the support of our close ones and you have got that. The car looks the nuts and is a credit to you and your shear hard work and persistence that it performs so well.
Looking forward to seeing more results from you.
Well done Steve, you may not have done much? but just being there to support, drop the odd encouragement work is sometimes all you need to do.
Mike, been a big fan of your photos for a while now, you just keep getting better ive got to say.

Great read guys.
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