Navigating around the Forum, and a few tips.

Note: New Members should read the legal disclaimer within this forum, additionally Guests should have a quick look at the topic in here also.

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Navigating around the Forum, and a few tips.

Postby greenwoo » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:08 am

Group Section versus Members run section:
There's no hard line on this, as a general concept Group Events may appeal to a wider audince across the whole of the Region, and are likely to be oriented toward large meets, drives or static shows. Anyone is free to post in this section, clearly detail is the key!
Members Runs: This was designed for ANY member to post up a shout for a run out in their part of the Region - tip at the top of the section about how to post/make such a shout out appealing.

General Gassing:
This is where you'll find all topics that don't relate to a run/event: Be that car wise, or general chat/banter - drop in and add your 2penneth! ( the Photo Comp is also located within this section.

Locked Members section:
Available to those who have registered one the site.
Do check out the members map and see who is in your part of the Region, freel free to use it to make contact with those folks ( note their name, look them up in the list of members and drop them a PM/Email).
Know of a good supplier or where we can get a discount - post it up here!

New Members Section: Do post up a 'hello', otherwise its like walking into a party midway through and sitting in the corner unannounced. A decent intro will get the banter flowing and break teh ice.

Don't be shy about posting new threads or replying to others. We need to keep these boards as interesting/readable as possible and that means new messages and new content - otherwise it'll become a desert.

Do try and get involved on a run out, that's what many of us are here for and teh best way to meet folks is over brekkie after a drive out.

Finally: It can't be stressed enough that this is a members forum, that means that everyone has the opportunity to use these boards in any ( sensible ) way that they see fit to make their ownership experience as much fun as possible. Don't sit back and expect tings to fall into your lap, get pro-active and arrange a few things, contact others, stimulate a conversation on the boards, promote an event/meet, join in the Photo Comp Fun - widen your circle of car buddies!

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